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There are many sites on the Web that provide information about wine and the wine industry, but they hide all of the real information behind a wall of products for sale and information that is already very accessible. VinePeople.com is dedicated to provide you with the best and most thorough information about wine associated businesses, wineries and their wines.

VinePeople.com offers individuals and businesses an online connection to the Winery, and associated business information, without all of the clutter and fluff you may find on many other websites. The mission of VinePeople.com is to provide a simple, yet informative, arena for interested wine consumers to easily search for information about local, national, and international winery and wine-related business information. It is also to offer those wineries and businesses a simple, effective, enjoyable, and affordable advertising venue that will utilize a customizable ad page. A forum such as this is a great way to keep potential customers updated about upcoming events, wines that will soon make it to the market, related services offered by wine producers, and a personal connection to their consumers through a review and response journal.

We are continually hunting for new wineries to visit, collect information about, and take pictures of. We make this personalized effort not only because we enjoy the fruits of the vine, but because we feel our consumer and commercial members deserve it!

Around our site you will find a variety of different tools, information, wines, and wineries. For our members, we have incorporated mapping software to allow us to give you an up front and personal view of the wineries you might be interested in. We also have many tools available to our members such as an Online Cellar to help keep track of your collection, ability to review wines, wineries and businesses, a list of places to visit or have visited and much more..

As always, if you have any suggestions for the website, please visit and fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We crave your feedback, whether you are a member or not. We are always striving to make VinePeople.com a better place for everyone to visit.


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